We at IVS Italia have always followed a course of ethical and social responsibility, pursuing our objectives in the full respect of the rights of people and the environment: these values are represented by the Vending Made Responsible brand, through which we communicate all the projects in favour:

  • of environmental sustainability
  • of healthy and natural nutrition
  • of constant improvement of the workplace
  • of the promotion of fair and socially responsible trade.

Follow the label

Vegan, energy, without gluten products…. and even more? It’s easy to recognise them, with our “special” labels; in this way, you can always be informed and choose the right break for you!

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Safeguarding the environment and care for the wellbeing of our consumers are manifest in the daily commitment to ethical-nutritional respect by us, our employees and our consumers. This is why we are engaged in a nutrition awareness project through which we only select suppliers that do not make us of GM foods, in addition to distributing fair and socially responsible products with the DOP designation: in this way, we favour products linked to the territory, result of nutritional traditions and with a natural, genuine taste.

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An eco-sustainable company

With our daily commitment towards sustainability, we have finalised and perfected many projects aimed at energy saving and the reduction of CO 2 emissions.

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Bio products

For us, the consumer is always at the centre and that’s why we take care to meet the needs of everyone: we guarantee only quality products and aim to disseminate a nutritional culture centred on sustainability, health and respect for small local producers.

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IVS and sustainability

For us, environmental sustainability is so important that all our work is aimed at preserving it: from the choice of products to the selection of distributors, energy saving and combatting and reducing CO2 emissions, all our actions are sustainable and aware.

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Excellence in the Working Environment

Our determination to take the lead in ethics and sustainability has brought many important awards: IVS Italia S.p.A. has obtained for its Emilia Romagna companies the logo “Socially Responsible Company 2012”, issued by A.I.L.E.S., an association for the employment and social inclusion of disadvantaged people, fully meeting the many prerequisites required to obtain the certification.

WHP (Work Health Promotion).

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The WHP project envisages the development of activities identified as “good practices”, divided into six thematic areas:

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Corporate social responsibility

The issue of human rights is particularly important for us: we reject any type of discrimination based on nationality, religion, gender, personal opinion or politics, age and economic and social conditions of those who collaborate with us, including our suppliers. We are at the forefront in the matter of sponsorship and donations, on the health and safety of our consumers and everything that concerns human and social rights.

Our aim is to establish ideal working conditions for all the people that make up our team; we pay the utmost attention to our employees in terms of diversity, equal opportunities, health and safety, updating and development.

Not only quality, but also honesty and transparency: right from the start, we have always respected the current national and international regulations covering our activities, constantly conducting analyses and surveys to prevent any risk.

Our attention is not only aimed at our work but also at the relations with Institutions and Public Authorities: we avoid unpleasant or unclear situations, as reported in our Code of Ethics.

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