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About us

Welcome to the website of IVS Italia, the largest Italian group specialised in vending machines for breaks dispensing drinks, snacks and non-food products.

With our efficient and avant-garde service we succeed in meeting the needs of our customers, supporting them at all stages, from designing the spaces of the Break Area to the installation, restocking and maintenance of vending machines.

The mission

  • Care for the consumer

  • Technological innovation

  • Concern for the environmental impact

The mission that IVS Italia seeks to pursue starts from these key points and guarantees an unrivalled service in the national and international panorama of vending machines.

With this spirit, we accept the future challenges, seeking to improve ourselves in order to better meet the needs of the companies that have chosen us, that are choosing us and that will choose us.


An international vocation

In 1971, the first vending machine and the first Italian operating centre were installed. Over the course of the years, the determination to improve has led us to increase in number until reaching various areas of Europe, with active branches in: Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

IVS france
IVS iberica

Year by year, we at IVS Italia have gained an international vocation with a marked propensity for development, growth and dynamism. A philosophy that guides us in every decision, a love for new challenges that we tackle with passion and reason, technology and know-how, creativity and professionalism.

Our numbers

More than 180,000 Sales Points

More than 3,000 Collaborators

More than 80 Branches

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