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The perfect space

Space/Consumption Analysis

For every requirement, its own space: out specialists carefully analyse areas and consumption to find the best solution, wherever it may be.

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An eye to the design


Not only functionality, but also pleasure: we transform the areas through design projects that create sophisticated and welcoming spaces.

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A question of taste


We guarantee our customers the option of choosing between different personalised solutions, from the payment system to the product variety.

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The quality of innovation


Not only do we offer a series of machines suitable for every need, we equip our vending machines with the best technology on the market.

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Impeccable control


Through the Control Room, we manage and monitor the main activities of technical assistance and maintenance of the vending machines.

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Never without products


Our Control Room oversees all our vending machines, enabling us to plan their restocking and to take action as necessary.

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A solution for all

Customer Care

Through the work of our Customer Care service, we guarantee prompt interventions and solutions.

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